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Virtual Pet for Engineers (1998)

This virtual pet program was an exercise in graphics programming, so it contains some fairly involved readouts. It was designed to have Tamagotchi style AI and, with a more technical presentation. It is a "black box" pet.

It came to my attention that engineers tended to not have pets because of their natural interfaces. This virtual pet is the equivalent of hooking up a dog to a cardiogram, voltmeter, and ammeter all in one simple package. The clumsy human-pet interface has been replaced with a convenient push-button interface, programmable for automatic feeding. The text interface is available for "power" pet owners, and can allow for remote availability through telnet. No, I'm not serious.

  • Configurable through launch parameters
  • Operable through either graphical or console interfaces
  • Multithreaded to the extreme
  • Java 1.1

Not available for download