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BulkMail (1998)

Do you need a mailing list that is shared by lots of senders, but you don't have access to a listserver? BulkMail is a possible solution.

BulkMail is a simple command-line mailer that takes an input text file and sends it to the addresses listed on web page.

  • Share a central mailing list on a web page
  • No limit on number of recipients
  • Configurable through launch parameters
  • Java 1.1

This software is provided under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License (see included file, license.txt).

This software was coded to the Java 1.1 API. It is a Java console application (as opposed to an applet). Invoke your Java virtual machine on the class "BulkMail.class" to run the program. Also included is a Windows executable compiled with Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0. If you are running the current version of the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine, use the executable instead. For explanations of the various command-line arguments, invoke with the "--help" parameter.

The file "config.txt" contains all of the configuration information for BulkMail. It also contains descriptions of the various settings. Edit it with a text editor as necessary. Comments lines are those that start with a # character. You may add as many comment lines or blank lines as necessary.

No longer available for download.