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Hardware/Software Projects

  • Spillway TestBed (2000) is a prototype Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) prevention infrastructure.
  • SEDAT (1999) is an inexpensive hardware/firmware Internet host.

The following are some of the projects I have developed over the years to gain experience with Java, my current favorite implementation language. If you are interested in running the programs or obtaining the source, send me a line.

I apologize for the quality of these projects, as they are mostly demonstrations, proof-of-concept prototypes, or utilities that I did not intend to release as products.


Technology Notes

  • J2EE and Weblogic Best Practices (2003) is a whitepaper providing recommendations for large projects.
  • My blog tends to contain technology notes not covered specifically elsewhere on this site.
  • There was once a note about site construction using the tools above, but that content is no longer relevant with a Content Management System (CMS), especially a good wiki.