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Politics and Beliefs

It has become increasingly obvious that we live in a world that no longer respects the concept of private lives. Indeed, it seems that any public existence of a person can ultimately affect continued employability. Whether a person's job is in public, corporate, or independent service, all available data is weighed. This data likely includes the standard Google search, MySpace, weblogs, tax data, and credit history, to name a few. I would support legislation that would guard personal information as irrelevant to employability, and place more of the burden for continued employment on the individual's performance in a role.

That said, I offer on this site a view into myself that I do not see as horribly controversial and therefore easily protected by free speech. I would say the following characterize me quite well:

  • I am a proud husband and parent
  • I believe that the world is a better place with a strong United States of America
  • I believe that everyone is created equal, and the rest of our constitution
  • I believe in free speech as the true demonstration of freedom, and a useful tool to understand intolerance in all of its forms
  • I believe in representative democracy and its ability to work towards the overall good of the people
  • I believe in the balance of power between Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government, and understand that there can be no progress without conflict between them
  • I am a Roman Catholic, and so share beliefs documented in our catechism, including respect believers of other positive faiths
  • I am a capitalist, and believe in the corrective power of the free market
  • I believe in the responsibility of the individual for his/her own condition, and the need for government to protect its people from the malevolent individuals and organizations
  • I believe that every human life is precious and should be treated as so from conception to natural death
  • I believe that the global climate is warming and that human society might have significantly contributed to that though much less significantly than natural variations of brightness from the sun, but that the science has been oversold and we would be better off worrying about the cyclical low of earth's magnetic field and large objects that may intersect earth's orbit
  • I believe that profesional politics has a lot in common with professional wrestling