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Of course, I'm not “all work and no play”. One of my hobbies is cartooning. My inspiration to cartoon usually coincides with a rare incidence of boredom, which happens less and less as time goes on. I'm sure that kindred spirits are equally inspired by this text. You can check out some of my characters here. Of course, they are totally meaningless and out of context, but I pride myself on original content.

Short-Lived Comic Strips

Adventures in IT Consulting

This comic strip will draw on my observations from my real world experiences. If you do not know what IT is (Information Technology), please don't expect the strip to be funny.

In the Print

This cartoon idea was conceptualized by Ruth Ann and Jennifer Dworak and me as a possible cartoon for Texas A&M University's Battalion. However, due to time constraints and other difficulties, we had to turn down the job. We plan to offer the best of the strips that we conceptualized online as time permits.

The name “Agnes” was chosen as it sounds like a new word for the much-disputed Aggie state of mind. The strip is to feature her as a quirky Aggie engineering student, and chronicles her daily school-related escapades, including the various absurdities that arise when her wild imagination is let loose.

Original Characters

These guys are some of my creations, inspired by boredom alone. They look pretty goofy and mean nothing out of context; but hey–isn't it nice to see some original pseudo-art now and then?